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German Bootcamp

The 3-day Bootcamp started with a warm welcome of our honorable chief guest Dr. Anastasia Kiritsi. This Bootcamp was an initiative to expose our students into the zone of international work culture and business models. The students were brought into light about the rapid growth of technology and business on an international level. They went through an extensive training about Business Canvas Model by their dear mentor Dr. Anastasia who became very close to them within a very short span of time by her oomph and charm. The fellow students were segregated into different groups and were assigned with the project of “Business Canvas”, where business meets technology. Each team were expected to bring to the table a unique and interesting business model which would help them brainstorm and wobble up their entrepreneurship skills. This particular project helped the students to think outside the box and come up with a lot of innovative ideas. They also learned about team building and to work as a team but having a voice of an individual in the team. This character building exercise would vehemently reflect in them as successful managers and leaders of the future. The 3-day event not only talked business but about a lot of other things as well. It displayed vibrant conversations among students, a handsome number of colorful cultural activities, food delicacies and a hefty amount of giggles and laughter among the students, mentors and the professors. In a nutshell, it amplified the glory of our campus to a thousand times. But, as all good things come to an end, this 3-day gala was no different. It was closed by a gorgeous award ceremony, where each and every students were certified for their participation and unique ideas in the projects. The winning team was awarded with a heavy to lift trophy and innumerous applause from all across the convention centre. The 1st and 2nd runner up teams were no behind. They posed for the photographers with their respective trophies as well. And to increase the beauty of the ceremony our very near and dear President, Dr. S R Mandal was present and was party to the ceremony. Before the final closing, our chief guest bid a final goodbye with her sweet smile and a bunch of valuable advice about business and career, especially career in abroad. So, to sum up, this Bootcamp trained our students to be corporate ready and opened many doorways to career in abroad.

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