divider college in Bangalore
What are the courses available? What is the curriculum? What is the affiliation status?

Available Courses are MBA, PGDM and BBA. MBA curriculum is as stipulated by Bangalore North University. PGDM is an industry integrated dynamic course which gets modified every year with the approval of AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt of India. BBA curriculum is also as stipulated by Bangalore North University.

What are the eligibility criteria? What is the Selection Process?

Graduates from any stream (10+2+3) with min 50% result from a recognized board.
SC/ST/OBC – 45% and above mark.
RMAT, CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, CMAT or State Level Entrance Test Score.

With regard to Selection Process, the following scores are considered.


Which course is better? MBA or PGDM?

With regard to Course curriculum and future scope both degrees are same. The apex body of MBA Degree is Bangalore North University, whereas, PGDM is under the central govt body, AICTE. In terms of placement, there is no difference between MBA and PGDM.

What are the extra-curricular activities done in the college?

1. Several Club Activities
a) RCMB Magazine Club
b) RCMB Academic Club
c) RCMB Cine Club
d) RCMB Cultural Club
e) RCMB Sports Club
f) RCMB Finance Club
g) Digital Marketing Club
h) Entrepreneurship Club

What are the Sports Facilities available in the College?

Students are encouraged to take part in active sports in the college. For the purpose, campus is equipped with adequate sports facility in all discipline. The campus has huge playground for Football and Cricket. In addition, indoor games facilities are adequately provided. College has a state of the art Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton Turf inside the campus.

What is the college location?

RCMB is conveniently located near Devanahalli, Bangalore, on NH 44, and is in close proximity to Bangalore International Airport. More significantly, location-wise it is among the upcoming Educational Hubs of Bangalore which has been envisaged of being global standard.

What are the specializations available in MBA?

The available Specialization Subjects * as stipulated by Bangalore North University are:
1. Finance Management
2. Marketing Management
3. Human Resource Management
4. Operations Management
5. Supply Chain Management
6. Healthcare Management
7. Startup and SMEs Management
* Specialization is as per Bangalore North University Guidelines.

What are the specializations available in PGDM?

The available Specialization Subjects * as stipulated in PGDM Course are:
1. Finance Management
2. Marketing Management
3. Human Resource Management
4. Operations Management
5. Supply Chain Management
6. Business Analytics Management
7. Information Technology Management
* Specialization  is  as per AICTE Guidelines.

Does a dual specialization help?? Is it advisable?

Dual specialization may open up more eligibility options when you are applying for placements across functions.


What is the Fee Structure? Break up of Fee Break up? What is the break up of payment schedule?

For Fee Structure, Break up and for Payment Schedule please refer the following link: https://www.rcmb.in/fee-structure/

What is the ROI while studying in RCMB?

ROI in RCMB is more than 100%.
To elaborate, it may be said that ROI after joining RCMB can be evaluated from two value propositions –
1. Tangible components: Such as getting a degree, a well-earned placement with the package range of 6 Lakhs ~ 12 Lakhs, and several industry-relevant certifications free-of-cost, which are highly valued in the corporate arena.
2. Intangible components: A student gets a 360-degree holistic grooming and personal development plan to acquire Corporate Readiness and immediately after joining the college, the student be aligned with the flagship Mentoring program where each student receives personalized grooming opportunity.
The group of mentors are esteemed academicians and seasoned Industry Professionals from corporate world having average experience of 25+ years.
Thriving and zippy campus life at RCMB helps you develop as good communicator, effective presenter, and potential leader. 

What is the Placement Performance of the College? What is International Placement Opportunity made available to the college?

1. Since inception 100% students of RCMB are placed in the Placement Drive conducted by the college. Several students got  multiple job offers  in their specializations. For the current outgoing batch, 163 Companies offered 600 jobs before their 4th Sem Final Exam.
2. German Placement Company "Audingo" is working actively with RCMB in shortlisting, training, grooming and finally placing them in companies in Germany. In addition, RCMB is in the process of expanding its placement reach in other Middle East, Asia-Oceania and other European countries.

What type of companies that come to campus for placement?

1. Leading Domestic & Foreign Banks
2. Global leading Technology companies
3. Retail Industries.
4. Business Process
5. Financial Sector

6. Insurance
7. Consumer Product
8. Software Development
9. E-Commerce
10. Healthcare
11. Manufacturing

What is the average Pay-Package that is going on in Placement drive? What is the highest package?

In the current year placement drive, the range of Pay-Package is 6 Lakhs ~ 12 Lakhs.
Average Salary in 8.5 Lakhs
However, the highest Pay Package is 12 Lakhs this year for some of our students.

Also, those who will finally be placed in Overseas Placement, their expected Pay Package is 27 ~ 45 Lakhs

What if I do not get a placement? How college will support me?

Going by the consistent result of 100% job for RCMB student over the years, a situation of ""not getting any placement"" is very unlikely. Factually, each student is provided with opportunities of 100+ interviews during the placements drive.

However, if you have some areas to improve in terms of presenting yourself in the Placement process - eg. communication skill, aptitude level, GD presentation ability, appearing in PI session etc - College will take personalized care of grooming and upgrading you to the required level.

What do you suggest about my specialization?

Obtaining Specialization by a student is driven by basically three parameters.
One, the graduation background, ie, how the student wants to take his specialization in graduation forward and apply in his or her professional career.
Two, the personal aspiration of the student, ie, what a student has dreamt about his future career in the professional world.
Third, the inherent quality/ acumen of a student in a particular field, ie, if a student has a natural flair in dealing with Numbers, good connecting and convincing ability, strong logical and analytical ability, advance technological skills in some areas etc.

However, in all the above three situation, personalized evaluation process starts from Day 1 through appropriate skill-metrics analysis to verify and confirm the specialization choice of a student and appropriate guidance is provided by the learned Professors accordingly. 

How is the Hostel facility of RCMB?

Hostel/ PG/ Rented apartments are there for all the students coming from far away to study in RCMB. Those accommodation facilities are reliably run by Third Party Arrangements under the close guidance of the College.

In principle,the students have the options and freedom to choose suitable accommodations of their liking . The College provides all necessary assistance and guidance to the students for suitable Hostel/ PG/ Rented Apartment. College provides end to end transport service at no extra cost.

If it is a Third Party Arrangements, How reliable these Hostel/PG facility are?

As already mentioned, College has a good collaboration with some good Hostel/ PG/ Rented apartment owners. They are reliable and hosting RCMB students for quite a long time.
They are conveniently located with all the amenities - market, restaurants, medicals, sports etc. Above all, our assigned faculties pay regular visits, attend to students facing difficulties including medical-related. And importantly, Bangalore as a city stands quite high in terms of Safety Index.

What is the Transport Facility provided by the college?

End to end transport service to-n-fro college and different hostel locations are available . Complimentary Daily College Bus facilities are there as per the stipulated time schedule.

Is college is conducting International Business/ Study tour?

Yes, as part of the two year study duration in MBA or PGDM, all students are facilitated for International Study tour in one of the Asia-Oceania Countries, subject to fulfilling 85% attendance.

In the event of International Trip, are additional funds required over and above the Course Fee?

Only personal expenses are required. Personal expenses include visa fees, personal shopping expenses etc. The college arranges for Tickets, Accomodation and Meals.

In addition to normal curriculum, what certification opportunities are there in the college?

The College Provides Several Certification Courses. These Include
Digital Marketing.
Business Analytics.
Lean Management.
French Boot Camp. (By France Prof)
Switzerland Boot Camp. (By Switzerland Prof)
Financial Modeling.
Advance Excel.
Hr- Analytics.
Sales Management.
Leadership Skill Development.
International Study Trip Certification.
Project Management.
Artificial Intelligence.

What is the provision of Industry Visits to the students?

RCMB arranges industry visits to different types of organization. The organizations are selected on the basis of industry relevance and student requirements. The regularly visited industries are, for example, Meritor, Toyota, ISRO, KMF, Escorts, Titan, Mitsubishi, Unibic etc.

What about the internship programs?

RCMB creates an annual internship plan to ensure that all kinds or organizations are targeted. Mentors ensure that individual student needs are taken into consideration. Students are allowed to join their own chosen internships, provided they matches with the Time & Duration as per schedule.

Will it be a paid internship?

RCMB creates the appropriate background to ensure that all internships are paid internships. In the case of unpaid internships, if the company represents a valuable brand, RCMB informs students of the opportunity. The student is encouraged to evaluate their preferences and make a decision.

Is there any medical facility available in the college? What is the availability of Medical facility in the locality?

A dedicated sick room is already available with all the basic First Aid and General Medicine facilities.
The nearest hospital is at a short distance of 15 minutes by road. College is in the process of making arrangements of General Medical practitioner from local hospital to pay periodical visit to the college for the students.

I don’t have money. Can I do an MBA/ PGDM in RCM?

RCMB’s one of the core and primary focus is to help the society and students who are financially challenged yet aspiring to build their career. This institution is built with this fundamental principle. We take care of this funding requirement of those aspiring students.

We are in the premiere institute list (similar to IIMs) of SBI, the largest Indian public sector bank, who takes care of the entire course fee, with no payment obligation till 03 years. By that time (actually even before completion of your final semester) the student gets placed in premiere companies earning a good CTC, and may start repaying as per the convenience. After being placed in a cushy corporate job it will be comfortable situation for the students too.

Every year approx. 175~200 students are passing out of this college based on the aforementioned principle. And we consider this is the most unique feature of this college.

Our Admission Team shall provide appropriate guidance to students who are looking for such support to carry on their studies.

Will there be a conflict if I undergo a distant/correspondence course and MBA/PGDM simultaneously?

The college does not discourage people from doing distant/correspondence courses when enrolled in a MBA/PGDM.