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Vision , Mission & Objective Statement Of RCMB


  1. At Regional College of Management Bangalore, our vision is to empower individuals to become global business leaders with ethics and social responsibility.


  1. Academic Excellence: Regional College of Management Bangalore is dedicated to providing world-class education in management, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values necessary for success in the dynamic global business environment.
  2. Holistic Development: We are committed to nurturing not just intellect but also developing the professional character of our students. Our mission is to foster personal growth, emotional intelligence, and a sense of social responsibility among our students.
  3. Social Commitment: Regional College of Management Bangalore firmly believes in using education as a catalyst for positive social change. We actively engage in initiatives aimed at uplifting the underprivileged sections of society, making education accessible to those who need it the most


  1. Enable our students to realize their potential and self-worth so that they evolve as leaders and transforming agents who make a significant contribution in all spheres of national and global life.
  2. In the knowledge society that is evolving, nurture a community of learners motivated by a quest for academic excellence.
  3. Equip our students to leverage the latest technology and digital resources to achieve tangible learning outcomes.
  4. Facilitate students with all the necessary professional and soft skills so that they have the confidence to cope with the emerging managerial demands of the corporate world.
  5. In the pursuit of an inclusive development model, create and maintain an institutional ethos for multicultural thinking, freedom to learn, experiment, question, and innovate by developing critical and cognitive faculties.
  6. As a Leading Management college, aim to emerge as a path-breaker nationally and globally in the realm of education.


With the growing demand for cutting-edge management professionals in the new-age city of Bangalore, the RCM Bangalore campus has proven its worth in no time since its establishment. The best-in-class faculty, with corporate interface, industry experience, global exposure, and high placements, has earned many laurels in its fold.

RCMB focuses on the all-round development of its students by conducting inter-college debates, seminars, and workshops on recent emerging trends, corporate training, live projects, and cultural and social events like music, drama, and literature. These activities enable students to harness their skills for interpersonal relationship development, leadership qualities, and management skills.

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