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Research and Innovation

The future growth and welfare of our society and economy will depend largely on our ability to be innovative. RCMB students need the knowledge and skills to think critically and creatively about complex problems.

They also require a platform to gain experience and apply their ingenuity. Our industry partners, meanwhile, consistently need to improve their processes, services, and products. The RCM Research and Innovation Cell (RCMRIC) meets all of these needs and more.

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RCMRIC works towards providing quality professional education through well-accredited courses, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, industrial visits, and excellent academic facilities. We believe in the all-round development of students with a strong foundation based on pillars of knowledge, intellect, and values. The programs are structured to keep pace with the present dynamic and globalized scenario, meeting the requirements of industry and education. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in our academic programs.

We also work with a broad range of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to develop and launch market-ready solutions in a timely manner. We are able to accomplish this by tapping into the incredible pool of talent that is RCMB’s students, faculty, and staff. At RCMRIC, we foster exciting connections and think innovatively to devise important, market-ready solutions that change perceptions, all while impacting the lives of our students, our faculty, our partners, and the world at large.


To encourage students to start their own enterprises and become entrepreneurs imbued with leadership qualities, using innovative and ethical business practices to make a global impact.


  1. RCMRIC aims to enable its students to gain first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, promote innovation-driven activities at the institute, and provide a comprehensive and integrated range of support, including space, mentoring, training programs, networking, and an array of other benefits.
  2. RCMRIC is nurtured to be the hub of innovative and high-impact ventures in social, educational, commercial, and other domains.
  3. RCMRIC fosters the all-around development of students with a strong foundation based on the pillars of knowledge, intellect, and values.

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