Course at Glance

Focused On

We focus on the understanding of the behavior and planning of international operations. Students are encouraged to learn the geographical and demographically different cultures through visits in Swiss Alps, Paris and join fun at Disney land.

Jobs & Careers

MBA with IBC

It is one such career program which offers ample scope for career in international & transnational corporations.

MBA with IBC

With the huge growth of international business, the demand for individuals increased with an understanding of global markets & in-depth knowledge.

MBA with IBC

This specialization provides the great opportunity to work in a global market across the world.


This is an International standard unique program helps to develop a comprehensive understanding of business challenges as well as provide, inside and outside the classroom, an international experience that is a true career accelerator.

It is designed in a finest way to develop a strategic vision and business leadership to equip with the skills needed in an international, fast changing environment.

Detailed and diversified Course Curriculum aiming at a comprehensive understanding of international environment, includes a visit to Top 3 global high capita countries like Switzerland -Germany-France with industrial exposure to premier Automakers “Mercedes Benz Factory” in Germany to United Nations Organisation (UNO) assembly at Geneva along interactive sessions with students of Swiss Business school